Dinsdag 8 september

Opnieuw is de isoleercel geopend. Vandaag met een opstelling naar het voorbeeld van Kabakov's "Punishment of Household Object".

"We are often inclined to blame other people for our unfortunate circumstances that turn out unluckily for us. But it is not inconceivable the reason could be things, moreover, things from our everyday existence which we cannot at all suspect. Take note: when you sit down at the table to do something and you are inexplicably seized by the feeling of some sort of loss or anguish, doesn't your glance fall on some object which irritates you intuitively and which you would like to get rid of? Of course, considering ourselves to be rational people and of sound mind, we try to suppress this strange feeling.

This is in vain, for the most paramount significance should be imparted to precisely this feeling.*

Our project envisages a special place or Black Corner for such objects that invoke these feelings. Two black curtains overlapping one another are hung from the ceiling to the floor in one corner of the room. Hence, a dark chamber is formed behind them, where guilty objects can be placed for a while. If a fair quantity of objects accumulate in the corner then they can be placed nearby in a waiting line.

After spending some time in the punishment corner, things usually lose their negative characteristics and can be returned to their places.

* This problem has still not been sufficiently illuminated scientifically, and scientists have only begun to approach a resolution to this problem.

1. Buy two black matte strips of fabric that are exactly the same length as the distance from the floor to the ceiling.
2. Nail them to a wooden plank of 68cm at the top so that the edges of the strips overlap. (1)
3. Below these strips should widen to 130cm and swing out somewhat from the corner (2), to do this you have to nail the edges of both strips to the walls (cf. sketch) so that the edge covering the fabric remains vertically straight.
4. Take a teapot, a pitcher, a pot and a mug. Place one object inside, leave the other three on the outside." 

Uit: “The Palace of Projects” (1995-1998) door Ilya en Emilia Kabakov